Oliver’s Musical World Tour

Robin introduces herself to her young viewers and welcomes them into her colorful music room. She engages her new students into a fun warm-up singing Solfege (Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do) scale and exposes them to musical terms.

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Oliver in Australia:
Full video is 28 minutes.

In this episode, meet Oliver & His Cool Jungle Band in an animated music video, then sing and dance to original music featuring fun rhyming lyrics and experience the sights and sounds of Australia, first stop on Oliver’s Musical World Tour!

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Oliver in Mexico:
Full video is 24 minutes.

We Love to Read! Books are fun! Words are fun! Rhyming is fun! Robin teaches 2 new songs which emphasize words and rhyming. In the song, Oliver Loves To Read, we’ll use hand gestures to facilitate memory. Let’s dance to Eli-Phant! She writes the lyrics for the Cool Jungle Band. Then we’re off to exciting Mexico on our Musical World Tour!


Oliver in Rwanda:
Full video is 26 minutes.

Let’s learn and sing vowels today! Robin teaches 2 new songs. The lyrics to our first song, Oliver Goes To The Doctor, address
health and compassion. Then we’ll dance to Fearless The Lion, leader of the Cool Jungle Band! And we’re off to exciting Rwanda on our Musical World Tour!


Oliver in the USA:
Full video is 34 minutes

We love to dance! We love music! Robin teaches 2 new songs. Let’s swing to Oliver Loves To Dance and then meet Crocker Docker, the composer of the Cool Jungle Band.The lyrics to her song teach the names of the many different kinds of music that we have. Then we’re off to the U.S.A. on our exciting Musical World Tour!


Oliver in Brazil:
Full video is 29 minutes.

We love Rhythm! Rhythm is Fun! Tempo is fun! Let’s clap our hands and move our feet to 4/4  3/4  and  2/4  time in different tempos, fast, medium and slow. Maracas are fun! Meet Funky Monkey, the drummer for the Cool Jungle Band and dance to his happy song. He’s a great explorer of fun and excitement! And then we’re off to Brazil, home to the world’s largest Rainforest, on our exciting Musical World Tour!