“As an early childhood educator for over twenty-five years, I am writing to express my strong endorsement of Robin Naylor’s program. Oliver The Dog Who Loves to Sing & His Cool Jungle Band. This highly creative and unique musical experience for young children is filled with positive energy and beautiful messages about our world and the creatures that inhabit it. The end result for children is an abundant joy in the making and sharing of music, our universal language.

Oliver The Dog Who Loves to Sing & His Cool Jungle Band first came to life over ten years ago at our school when “Miss Robin” created our weekly music program. Her contagious enthusiasm coupled with appealing and imaginative content, instantly made the program a favorite for our little students, their teachers, and their parents. In fact, parents nominated her in great numbers for the Buck County Association of Education for Young Children Outstanding Educator Award, which she received in 2000.

Unlike many children’s music programs, Oliver The Dog Who Loves to Sing & His Cool Jungle Band is filled with sophisticated musical content to inspire and challenge all young children. Our preschoolers received exposure to a variety of musical styles, as well as rhythms, scales and musical terminology. Program content helps to promote an expanded view of our world. Children are introduced to multi-cultural themes through joyful music and to environmental and ecological issues through the heartfelt stories of Oliver’s jungle friends.

Creating a television program Oliver The Dog Who Loves to Sing & His Cool Jungle Band will appeal to a broader audience than many traditional programs. I can easily see preschool through the ages of 9 or 10 relating to this program. I enthusiastically support sponsorship of this program for a new generation of children.”

Roseann Fry
President of Bucks County Association of the Education of Young Children (B.C.A.E.Y.C.)
Educational Director, Crossing Cooperative Nursery School


“Oliver The Dog Who Loves to Sing & His Cool Jungle Band is a delightful and eclectic introduction to music education for preschool-kindergarten age children. The program encourages budding musicians to explore music and styles of music through repetition, call-response and movement. The characters are designed to be fun and appealing for children, and encourages them to interact with a wide variety of musical styles and skills introduced in each lesson.

Each song and episode is specially designed to correspond to skill sets and experiences in the National Standards of Music Education. Preschool-K age students are encouraged to engage and interact directly and actively with each lesson through the story, music and lyrics of these fun-filled characters.

This will be a wonderful and positive program for all young children to enjoy and learn!!”

Aimee O’Neill
Elementary Music Educator, Neshaminy School District


“Oliver-The Dog Who Loves to Sing is an outstanding children’s program which fosters skill acquisition and development in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and music. As a MA Certified Reading Specialist who teaches both children and Reading Specialist Graduate candidates, I give this colorful and lively program 5 stars! If your school or district is currently researching motivating programs that teach phonemic awareness through quality music…LOOK NO FURTHER!!”

Julie Rigo-Vogel, M.Ed.
MA Certified Reading Specialist
Wilson Certified
Certified Dyslexia Practitioner
Adjunct Graduate School Professor

“I had a wonderful time listening to the CD, “Oliver the Dog.”  It’s a great collection of songs, and the animal themes I think would have particular appeal to kids.  Your innovative rhythms and meters, wide range of instrumental color, and variety of musical styles, not to mention the very clever lyrics and turns of phrase expose kids and adults to some very sophisticated musical concepts.  I particularly like “Eli-Phant,” with its surprising rhymes and classy style.  Just like you.”

Jackie Coren
Musical Director, The George School

“‘Oliver The Dog Who Loves To Sing & His Cool Jungle Band’ CD is a delight. The upbeat, happy story in the book and the CD will not only please the children, but also the parents and adults. Robin Naylor is a respected member of our Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers and has excelled with her compositions and teaching it. The proof of this is that five of her students won the Delaware Valley Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘Youth in the Arts Competition.'”

Elfi Randolph
Bucks County Association of Piano Teachers

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“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Robin and her gift for teaching children to love and appreciate music. Her passion, energy and skills are unprecedented. This is a wonderful program lead by an incredibly talented, gifted and fun musician!! Bravo!!”

“Awesome! Every kid should have it. Entertaining … educational … they listen, they dance, they learn. Pushes all the right buttons. Fabulous work. Bravo Robin!!”

“I love this music! It’s heads and shoulders over everything that is written today … Timeless!”