This program can be used by parents, classroom teachers and music teachers alike. Each 30 minute weekly lesson follows a set pattern of vocal warm-ups, new musical terms, new rhythms, new original songs and new dances. Each new lyric promotes speech/language facility in young learners. Oliver & His Cool Jungle Band characters are present in each lesson, teaching positive values through their loveable and engaging personalities. Young learners travel to a new and exciting country each week on Oliver’s Musical World Tour as they experience the music, children, animals, cuisine, environment and cultures of our beautiful world.

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Oliver & His Cool Jungle Band Lessons:



  • In this lesson, meet Oliver & His Cool Jungle Band in an animated music video, then sing and dance to original music featuring fun rhyming lyrics and experience the sights and sounds of Australia, first stop on Oliver’s musical world tour!


  • We Love to Read! Books are fun! Words are fun! Rhyming is fun! Robin teaches 2 new songs which emphasize words and rhyming. In the song, Oliver Loves To Read, we’ll use hand gestures to facilitate memory. Let’s dance to Eli-Phant! She writes the lyrics for the Cool Jungle Band. Then we’re off to exciting Mexico on our Musical World Tour!


  • Let’s learn and sing vowels today! Robin teaches 2 new songs. The lyrics to our first song, Oliver Goes To The Doctor, address health and compassion. Then we’ll dance to Fearless The Lion, leader of the Cool Jungle Band! And we’re off to exciting Rwanda on our Musical World Tour!

United States of America

  • We love to dance! We love music! Robin teaches 2 new songs. Let’s swing to Oliver Loves To Dance and then meet Crocker Docker, the composer of the Cool Jungle Band. The lyrics to her song teach the names of the many different kinds of music that we have. Then we’re off to the U.S.A. on our exciting Musical World Tour!


  • We love Rhythm! Rhythm is Fun! Tempo is fun! Let’s clap our hands and move our feet to 4/4 3/4 and 2/4 time in different tempos, fast, medium and slow. Maracas are fun! Meet Funky Monkey, the drummer for the Cool Jungle Band and dance to his happy song. He’s a great explorer of fun and excitement! And then we’re off to Brazil, home to the world’s largest Rainforest, on our exciting Musical World Tour!


  • Meet Madison, Robin’s piano! Robin plays her piano and gives a short demonstration of her instrument and how acoustic piano sounds. She also demonstrates how scales are played on the piano while singing (Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do) Solfeggio. Introducing Triplets (clapping hands to Triplets). Introducing Skipping (singing intervals in thirds using “la”). Mz. Marguerite introduces herself in a new song! She’s French! She’s a colorful bird! She’s an Artist! Children learn what is an artist, paint brush, palette and colors. Then we’re off to France to see all the sights on our Musical World Tour.


  • Meet Ana-Conda, Oliver’s friend! Let’s follow her through her beautiful rainforest in the Peruvian Basin as she sings her song describing all the many wonders (medicinal healing plants, etc.) that lie within this enchanting rainforest. Children are exposed to many rich percussive instruments (rainsticks, etc.) throughout this melodic piece of music. Introducing Arpeggios singing up (ascending) and down (descending).

West Indies

  • Meet Manatee, Oliver’s loveable friend from the West Indies! In his song, ”My name is Manatee,” children are introduced to new musical terms, staccato and legato. They are exposed to more percussion instruments (conga drums, etc.) as the band plays this rhythmic Island song describing the life of these gentle giants in a catchy and entertaining lyric sung by a Jamaican vocalist. Children learn how to spell Manatee just by singing the lyric!

South Africa

  • Meet Cheetah, Oliver’s exotic friend from South Africa! In her song, “Cheetah Cheetah” children learn to pronounce the “ch” sound (diphthong) and they are introduced to Jazz Scatting (la dee la dee la dee dayo, etc.) in a very fast tempo! Cheetah is very, very fast…Presto! Robin describes different tempos (andante, moderato, allegro, and presto) at the beginning of her class. Clapping hands to these different tempos is fun!


  • Meet Gray Wolf, Oliver’s soulful friend from Canada! Gray Wolf’s song is a soft lullaby which introduces children to new musical terms (lullaby, reverie, rhapsody, harmony, etc.), more percussion instruments and Acoustic Upright Bass. Robin introduces her Mandolin and Native American Flute at the beginning of today’s class. She then instructs her students to listen for these two instruments as she plays them along with her acoustic piano in this gentle song. The wooden flute can be played to sound like a wolf singing…both etheric and soulful. Children are exposed to the expressive emotions that instruments can convey.


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  • Oliver loves to cook! Today’s song features Oliver singing in the kitchen as he’s cooking a delicious meal for all of his friends. He cooks all dayo, all day all dayo! This happy song features fun entertaining lyrics, lot’s of new rhyming words and a lively dance as Oliver creates a gourmet meal. Robin gives a short demonstration (music theory) on her piano. She teaches her students the musical alphabet and they all join in and sing along! Let’s say and play the musical alphabet up the keyboard! A B C D E F G… A B C etc.


  • Next stop on Oliver’s “Musical World Tour”, Ireland! Robin introduces the children to 6/8 time. She demonstrates this new rhythm by playing an impromptu Irish Jig on her piano. Let’s clap hands to 6/8 time! Robin explains that 6/8 time has a double meter. “Mother Nature Sings” is today’s new song. The lyrics in this lullaby describe all the beauty that can be found in nature. Children are introduced to the harp with it’s unique melodic sound, which is featured in this song. Robin plays her acoustic piano and mandolin on this song and there is also an acoustic Upright Bass. The pine marten is the featured “endangered animal” and Robin addresses the importance of conservation and protection of endangered animals.


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