This award winning program is geared toward Early Childhood Educators, Music Specialists, Home Schooling Parents and Parents who want to further enrich their children’s musical and language development in a joyful and entertaining educational format.

The Oliver & His Cool Jungle Band program is a structured, sequential learning approach to develop foundational music/rhythm, and language/pre-reading and reading foundational skills. An additional component to this program is promoting an expanded view of our world as Oliver’s Cool Jungle Band embarks on their exciting Musical World Tour traveling to a new country each week exposing children to multi-cultural themes, environmental and ecological issues.

Young learners are immediately engaged in interactive phonemic awareness and language interaction through musical exploration. Oliver and his lively cast of characters all  possess positive attributes that children can embrace and emulate. Compassion, kindness and acceptance towards each other and our animal friends is addressed each  week.

This sequentially structured program is intended for weekly 30 minute lessons. New lessons will be uploaded continually to fill the school year.

Learning objectives for each weekly lesson include:

  • To engage and educate in a unique entertaining format.
  • To provide a stimulating, unique multi-sensory program designed to reach the multiple intelligence levels of each and every child in any curriculum.
  • To expose young learners to original songs designed to entertain while teaching music theory, solfeggio (do re me fa so la ti do) scales, rhythm and musical terms through a variety of musical styles.
  • To provide original clever and fun lyrics to these songs designed as a motivating method for teaching phonemic awareness. Phonemic Awareness is the greatest predictor  of reading success.
  • To provide a rich Kinesthetic experience through body movement to these original songs, promoting sensory integration through precise dance steps and hand gestures.
  • To provide a loving, universal sense of family and belonging as Oliver fulfills his dream of making everyone in the whole world is one big family.
  • To encourage a healthy respect and compassion for each other, our animals and our environment.